• In the month of March 2012, SocialTwist generated 11 million social referrals for our customers' products, as part of their customer acquisition strategies.
  • Consumer goods giant Sara Lee launched a SocialTwist “Watch N Save” program on Walmart. Program uniquely executes a product promotion through an impactful online video ad, by tying coupon offers to social referrals. read>>.
  • Did you know that many free "share buttons" on the web track users and cookie them? Even when you don't click them! SocialTwist sets stringent standards to safeguard the privacy and security of consumers and our clients. Check out what we do here.
  • Campaign of the month: Orkin, one of the largest pest control and termite companies and a subsidiary of Rollins, launched a social referral program using SocialTwist to recruit new customers for their monthly subscription plan. read>>
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