SocialTwist is a leading social marketing technology provider. Our customer activation platform helps marketers drive customer acquisition, engagement and retention strategies. Since 2008, SocialTwist has helped a large number of customers across industries including consumer products, financial services, travel, and entertainment to implement solutions for referral marketing, enhancing content engagement, and launch creative social applications.

Our versatile solutions address short term goals such as new customer acquisition drives, product promotions, and awareness campaigns as well as long term goals such as increasing loyalty, enabling user content generation, and creating and engaging customer communities.

The Founders

Pramati Corporate Team covers Human Resources, Accounts & Finance, Corporate Compliance, General Admin, Legal and Corp Dev.

We Believe

Social marketing is undergoing a major transformation since the past few years. While this space evolves with data, technology and marketing as the cornerstones, there is an increasing need to blend and leverage the strengths of each to synthesize a powerful solution. We built SocialTwist keeping this in mind and because we envision a world where marketers can realize their goals and dream programs without worrying about the plumbing, the compliance challenges, or being limited by technology support.

Here are three key ideas that were influential in shaping our vision:

  • Bring enterprise-grade quality to social marketing
  • Social is creative. While pre-packaged solutions are fine, keep the technology stack flexible for customization or for handling those curveball ideas.
  • Keep complexity under the hood and free our customer from having to do the technical heavy lifting

Dr Pepper's Social Coupon Referral Campaign Takes Off

SocialTwist's social coupon referral program helped drive sales and brand awareness for Diet Dr Pepper. See detailed case study published by ChiefMarketer.

Socialtwist Launches Social Content Aggregation Solutions

SocialTwist announced a Social Content Aggregation solution specifically designed to help companies realize the return on their content marketing investments with the ability to repurpose social content, boost user engagement, and extend content reach.

Amica Insurance Launches a Referral Program

Amica launched a referral program enabling users to share Amica with friends and family