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Is Your Big Data Strategy Mobile-First? Giselle Abramovich, Senior & Strategic Editor at CMO.com talks to SocialTwist CMO Vijay Sundaram on how digital marketers are big believers in the use of big data but are overlooking an even bigger source of intelligence: mobile & social.

5 Innovative Marketing Solutions That Can Help Your Business Grow "SocialTwist has tapped into the future of marketing, this is a company to watch" - Mark Fidelman from Forbes ranks SocialTwist among the 5 innovative business solutions that are changing how companies market.

Email Beats Social Networks for Online Offer Sharing: SocialTwist Study People prefer to share privately, particularly for Personal Products as Email beats social networks as the top medium for sharing online coupons and other offers. Jack Neff From Ad Age Reports on SocialTwist Study on Social Marketing in 2013 that measures social media campaigns run by some of the world's leading brands.

Facebook gearing up for video commercials The Internet industry is abuzz over reports that Facebook may soon be showing 15-second video ads from major consumer brands. Wall Street investors and modern-day Mad Men are eager to see what Facebook does with those commercials, since the social network's 1.1 billion users represent a vast new audience for online video advertising. SocialTwist CMO Vijay Sundaram talks to Brandon Bailey about Facebook, video and the hype.

Social Networking : How Social Referral Marketing Can Uncover Consumer Influence SocialTwist CMO Vijay Sundaram writes about how technology is helping companies make their “consumers” an integral voice of their brand changing the way traditional marketing programs are run and measured.

Email Beats Social for Online Influence While Facebook may allow online influencers to reach large numbers of people, email is more efficient, as a larger proportion of the people reached via email actually become customers, according to a new study of social referral marketing campaigns by SocialTwist, titled "The Connected Consumer: Brand Advocacy Trends from 100+ Social Campaigns."

Brand Advocates Choose Email Over Social For Referrals SocialTwist has released the results of a study that spanned 18 months, 119 social marketing campaigns, and 3.2 million participating consumers. Designed to see how consumers interacted with its social referral program and progressed to becoming advocates, the SocialTwist study unearths interesting results with potentially broad implications.

Social Media must be part of overall Marketing Strategy SocialTwist CMO Vijay Sundaram provides insights into Social Media marketing and useful tips for Startups who want to incorporate social media into their marketing strategy.

SocialTwist Analyzes Influencers Marketers are still coming to grips with how to measure social influence and (the key part) identify individuals who wield the most influence in their networks. That's the goal of the Influencer's Quotient, or "iQ," a new social marketing analytics offering from SocialTwist.

What's Next in Advocacy Marketing Gartner's recently released report on "What's Next in Advocacy Marketing?" features SocialTwist among the providers that represent a range of techniques and purchasing models for finding and mobilizing advocates. Here's what Gartner has to say about us.

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