SocialTwist is a customer acquisition and retention platform that generates viral referrals for businesses, using the social connections of their customers.

Since 2008, more than 40 of the world's largest brands have worked with us to integrate social referrals into their marketing programs. Our experience extends across a number of industries, including consumer products, financial services, hospitality, entertainment and other sectors.

Our platform has been tried and tested across hundreds of diverse campaigns involving new customer acquisition, member recruitment, new product launches, rewards, loyalty and other objectives. We have uncovered and resolved complex issues around privacy, compliance, security, and fraud management. Our systems scale to handle the massive transaction volumes generated by our innovative and viral social campaigns for very large brands.

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Our Customers

"Social media marketing poses a huge challenge of measurable ROI. We simply love SocialTwist Tell-a-Friend platform because it provides clear success measurement and insights. The simple intuitive user experience and the powerful backend platform that can be tailored to our needs were impressive. The experienced and knowledgeable SocialTwist team makes the integration process look so easy."

Akerho Oghoghomeh
Associate Brand Manager,
ConAgra Foods

"With the help of SocialTwist, Sara Lee was able to reach 50 percent of our total campaign goal within the first seven days of the promotion - an incredible feat and unprecedented success."

Michael McDowell
Manager, Shopper Marketing,
Sara Lee

"SocialTwist was the ideal partner for us during this crucial holiday season. Not only did they customize a program exactly to our specifications, the entire process was painless. And, best of all, the program increased sales of our text books by more than 10%."

Charles Dupin de Saint Cyr
Director of Retention and Loyalty, Barnes & Noble

"SocialTwist's Tell-a-Friend referral marketing program was instrumental to the success of Jamba Juice's 20th Anniversary "Buy One Get One Free" promotion. The viral nature of the Tell-a-Friend widget and ease of use for Jamba's audience helped us greatly extend the reach on the campaign, thereby enhancing our media buy. And SocialTwist's team of professionals are insightful, responsive, and a real pleasure to work with."

Nichole Paro
Account Director (Jamba Juice), Neighbor Agency

"A single button to share personal and social communication within a single user interface is of tremendous value to our marketing team, which is responsible for ensuring their products get the attention they deserve from consumers."

Bo Schuerman
Interactive Marketing Manager, Procter & Gamble