About Us

SocialTwist develops solutions that turn social media into social marketing. Its solutions harnesses the power of trust and referrals - a key driver in consumer purchase decisions - to create successful, measurable campaigns for today's smartest marketers.

Tell-a-Friend (TAF), SocialTwist's flagship product suite, promotes highly viral, word-of-mouth marketing campaigns online by combining consistent marketing messages, the power of referrals and the social platforms customers use most - from email, IM, to popular social networks and bookmarking sites across the web. TAF's ability to improve click-through to sites, generate new revenue and promote virality is proven and measurable.

The TAF product suite includes a free version for bloggers and writers, and premium versions for brands, businesses and marketers that incorporate branding, dynamic content integration, and reward promotion programs. SocialTwist has already supported successful campaigns for major brands like Intel, P&G, Jamba Juice, KLM, Barnes and Noble, etc.

Launched in September 2008 and based in Mountain View, CA, SocialTwist was created and funded by Pramati Technologies, one of the best known and profitable engineering companies in India.

"SocialTwist was the ideal partner for us during this crucial holiday season. Not only did they customize a program exactly to our specifications, the entire process was painless. And, best of all, the program increased sales of our text books by more than 10%."

Charles Dupin de Saint Cyr
Director of Retention and Loyalty, Barnes & Noble

New York Times